Once upon time, Disney made movies that made me feel lost in wonder for days. Falling in love with a princess and her love story, hoping to have one of my own someday. Watching the movies for hours and hours to the point I can react every line and movement. Looking in the mirror while getting ready for the day; hoping when I grow up, I will be as beautiful as those princesses. Going to the school library to get every fairy tale I can get my hands on and stare at the pictures during class. Singing the disney's song that just stay in the head.

As years go on, that wonder start to fade from stories of ever after as live tells you it's just a tale. It almost felt like my childhood was forever Frozen in time and all I can do is just look back...

The Snow Queen, is a complicated story about the struggles between good and evil. A love between two friends is so strong that age had no matter of what one in love can truly do for one another and...A Queen can be seen as not truly a villain but more of a victim. The Story had a lot of religious hints in it..Well, I really shouldn't say hints since in the end the grandma reads a passage from the bible. However, it doesn't hurt the story and makes anyone that loves to study characters to take a step back. I have to say heading the story of the Snow Queen...I felt sorry for her and it made me sad that she didn't get a real happy ending in my eyes. 

Frozen takes the story of the Snow Queen and makes it, truly it's own story. Disney has been known to changes Fairy Tales which I never mind.  It's nice seeing different takes of ones story. However, any one that knows the story of the Snow Queen knows this is not even close to the tale but that doesn't mean this take of the classic story isn't at good. In fact, it's truly prefect! 

Frozen. A story about two sisters that love each other so dearly. Elsa, the oldest was born with the power of ice/snow. At first, it shown that she was happy with her powers and showing them off to her little sister, Anna whom just couldn't get enough of it either.  Forcing Elsa to get up to play and seeing Elsa giving the snowman they made a personally to make her little sister happy made me melt. However, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt...

An accident changes everything for the two sisters and their relationship was no longer what it use to be. Anna loses her memory of Elsa having powers and what happened to her. Seeing Anna trying to get her sister out of her room to play. 

"Do you wanna to build a snowman?" -Anna  I have to say this song, shows how much Anna misses her big sister and is so left in the dark of what Elsa is going through.  When they lose their parents and Anna knocking once more, the lyrics change to show how alone Anna is without sister. "Just let me in." 

This song is so fun and yet so very sad. You truly feel the loneliness between both sisters.  As much as Elsa wants to be close to her sister and let her in, she doesn't out of love. She doesn't ever want to hurt her sister again.  Anna keeps trying until they are teenagers and lets her sister be but comes back knocking after losing their parents.
 "We only have each other. Just you and me...what are we going to do?"  "Do you wanna build a snowman?" -Anna

Time passes since the lost of their parents. The dance is about to begin and the gates is about to open. Anna is overjoy as Elsa is uneasy but it's only for today. For the first time in forever- Another great song to show what the girls are going through. Anna reminds me a little of Ariel from the little mermaid during this song.  Anyways, Anna is like a little girl during christmas morning who can't wait to open her gifts. 

When it's time for Elsa be Queen. The gates open after many years of being shut. Anna couldn't be happier with the chance to met other people and enjoy a ball. During her careless she bumps into meeting a charming Prince named Hans. She falls really, really, really hard for this prefect guy.  Another character named Duke whom is quite silly and foolish but is quite two face as he wants to find out why the gates have been locked for so long. 

Elsa and Anna finally speak to one another and years of barely saying a word to one another. You can see how much they are alike in ways. They are quite a pair the two girls. They are different, yet the same.  However, Anna says that should do this all the time but..sadly Elsa can't let that be. Anna moves away, upset that the gates will close again. However, that frown fades when she bumps into the prince again. 

Love is an open door- This song is super cute. Hans and Anna sound good together and has a lot of screen with them being playful together. Again, it's really cute! I couldn't stop grinning at the two.

They want to get married right away and tells Elsa they are going to get married.  Of course, Elsa's reaction had to be everyones thought of someone marrying someone they just met. This upsets Anna and starts the drama of everyone in the party finding out about the Queen's secret. Elsa runs away from her kingdom, covering it with snow.  Anna goes after her sister as Hans stays behind to help the kingdom.

"Let it go"-Elsa. This song has to be the best song in the movie. Elsa's secret is now known and doesn't let it bother her instead she sees what she can do. The song builds up more and more and leaves with her giving a sassy tone. "The cold never bother me anyways."  

The images during this song is truly a masterpiece.  I'm not sure what else to say about it...other then it's just prefect...prefect...PREFECT! 

Anna ends up meeting a young man named Krisoff and reindeer named Sven. Krisoff gets kinda forced to help Anna with her search and the two of them build a friendship and...slowly starts to be something more. 
I have to say, I truly enjoy these two together. They grew on each other and it shows so well. Krisoff is no prince charming but he is charming in his own way which makes him super cute! haha

Krisoff talks for Sven which is quite interesting and funny to watch. It's great they didn't have animals talking in this movie. I think if they did it would had taken a bit of the charm of this movie away. So good call, Disney. 

Another character comes along soon after who is no other then a snowman that Elsa made during the
song "let it go"  Olaf, the snowman is so friendly and very funny. I have to say when I first saw the trailer, I thought I was going to hate him but instead I was happily wrong. He has such great one liners. Olaf is the character made up by Elsa when they were kids and Anna is taken back when she realizes who he is. He even says some lines that the girls use to say when they were kids which makes him even more wonderful. Olaf dreams of summer but doesn't know what heat can do to him. 

In Summer--Is more of a childish song BUT doesn't make it any less likable. It's another really cute song and I love seagulls dancing along with Olaf. (I love birds lol)

Finally, making it to where Elsa is. Anna has a moment alone with Elsa seeing her in a different light. Anna wants her big sister to come back and sings the song "For the first time in forever" but changes the lyrics once more. During the song, Elsa finds out her powers are truly out of her control. Unknowing that she could even bring things to life like Olaf but she cause a awful snow storm upon their kingdom and well...everywhere. Seeing that she isn't free and never will be. Her fears come rushing back.  Elsa freaks out as Anna tries to calm her down but doesn't work in the end.  

The "part two" of the song gave me chills.  I love the part when Elsa looks at her reflection. I held my breath for just a second of her looking at herself. To me, it felt like Disney was saying to the original Snow Queen, we understand your pain. Well...most likely that's just my overactive imagination coming out. 

Sadly, what Elsa fears comes true as she ends up hurting Anna again. She pushes her sister away once more unknowing what she had done. 

Elsa makes a snow monster that throws all them out of her castle and is once again alone with her powers. Elsa does panic as she tries to calm herself but sees how trapped she is.

After being throwout, Anna's hair starts to turn white. Fearing over what could be happening to Anna,  Krisoff goes to his family for help.  Krisoff was taken in by the trolls which didn't show themselves at first and looked like just rocks to them. I have to say Olaf's reaction was just great. I couldn't stop laughing. 

The family is overjoy seeing Krisoff being a girl, home. Although, it wasn't what they were talking and a misunderstanding causes for a song. Well, this is a musical. 

Fixer upper- Now, I have to say this song didn't really grad me as the other song did. However, it was still a good song. Olaf dancing and laughing along the whole song was just great.  It's fun to watch until Anna nearly pass out as her hair turns more white. 

Finding out of an act of true love is what will save her. Krisoff rushes Anna to Hans to save her.
Seeing the look upon Krisoff as he let her go was heartbreaking. He walked away and as Sven tried to tell him to go back. Krisoff didn't voice what he was trying to say since he didn't want to hear it. This part was beautifully done. You really see how much pain Krisoff is over realizes he really did like Anna and letting her go to someone else had to be really hard for him. After fighting himself, he guess it. Runs to her. Ah, so romantic!

Before all of this epic, even more epic happened. Hans realizes that Anna is in trouble when his house come back without the princess. Getting the men to come along to get the sisters with no harm done upon the Queen. They rush off with two men that was order to kill off the Queen by Duke himself. As they reach the ice castle, they fight the snow monster and reach inside. Elsa fights back and nearly almost kills the two men that attacked her until Hans stops her. She gets hurt in the end and gets locked away.

Hans talks to her telling her to make it stop but Elsa tells him painfully that she can't.  It looks like Hans is trying to keep the peace as she speaks softly towards the Queen and it's sad seeing the expression on poor Elsa's face.

Now, here's the biggest spoiler in the movie and if you haven't seen it...Maybe you should stop reading now...I have warned you. 

Hans is left alone with Anna as she tells him that only true love can save her. Hans is about to kiss her then pulls back just before their lips touch. "Oh, Anna...If only someone loved you." 
Many viewers were shock and all good reason to. There wasn't much of a thought that Hans could ever be seen as a bad guy.  Some viewers of the movie didn't like the idea of Hans actually being a villain. I, on the other hand, loved it. Truly, truly loved it and you know what? It made me loved the character more and made me wish we learned more about his past. 

Well, anyways he tells Anna that he didn't loved her and simply used her to get a step closer to be King. He was going to wait to killed off Elsa and Anna but it looks like he doesn't have to. Taking out of the fire and locking Anna away to die.  

He knows that he has everyone's trust and works his charm telling everyone that Anna passed away because of her sister and told everyone with a heavy heart...yes, you may roll your eyes. To put Queen Elsa to death. 

Olaf comes in where Anna is and starts a fire to keep her warm. However, Anna tries to stop him but Olaf doesn't care after finding out what heat does to him. Olaf talks about love and realizes that Anna is pretty clueless about what love is. After a heartwarming moment from the two, Olaf tells Anna that Krisoff is coming back. Anna forces herself up and goes after him. 

Elsa breaks free until Hans reaches her. Telling her that her sister is dead because of her. Elsa breaks down causing the snow to stop in the air. Hans moves in with his sword about to end her life. 
Anna sees Krisoff but looks over and sees her sister in problem. She runs towards the two and stops Hans and saves her sister.  

Elsa looks up seeing her sister frozen from head to toe. She hugs her weeping and...her act of true love ends up saving Anna. She is unfrozen and everyone is cheering for joy.  Elsa, now knows how to stop winter and melt the snow away from the love she feels. She saves Olaf from melting.  Hans gets lock up while being sent back to his family....

Well, before Anna punches him in the face. Haha, that was a great moment. Duke is being throwout with his men and with the statement that they will never do business with them. So, yes everything ends quite happily...

Krisoff and Anna kiss at the end. Yay, super cute!  Elsa shows off her powers to her people and they all play in the snow together.  The end...

Things I like about the movie; I loved the songs and the characters. Even the side and background characters were all so lovable and fun. The background was breathtaking and the colors were great. I love the two main girls dearly. It hard to pick which one is my favorite.  I love how funny Anna is and how dramatic Elsa is. 

Things I dislike about the movie:'s too short. I didn't want it to end and I wish we got to know more about Hans other then being the youngest of 13 brothers. Also the biggest dislike I have is the opening song...It felt really out of place. I wish they pick something more soft and gentle and not something that sounds like it belongs to the lion king...
The trailer is truly awful which is odd since trailers are known to make bad movies look good but the trailers for this movie didn't do any good when it comes to how wonderful this movie truly is. If it wasn't for the reviews I heard online about the movie. I wouldn't have gone to see it. 

I have to say overall. This is a wonderful movie and I can't wait for the dvd! Actually, I'm dying for it. I hope it comes out soon. I've seen comments of people seeing the movie more then once. One person even saw it 12 times! If you haven't seen it or if you know someone that haven't they need to. Disney is reminding lately, why I loved them so. Well done, Disney! 

My thoughts on Brian's death and his Return

I finally saw the episode when Brian comes back. I felt the need to cry when Stewie told Santa that all he wanted was his friend back and Vinnie's reaction was just...heartbreaking. It was sweet seeing that all Vinnie wanted was to make Stewie happy and he did at the end. I'm glad Brian is back. He has always been a wonderful character overall in my eyes.

However, when Brian died it gave a sense that it's okay. You know that moment you have to let your pet go...that sadness you feel. You holding your pet for the last time, wishing you had all the money in the world to bring that sweet pal of yours back. Feeling like the worse owner in the world. Brian gave another message to his family. "you gave me a wonderful life, i love you all." It hit me hard and I'm sure a lot of other pet owners as well. Peter's last words about Brian was so touching as well and maybe shown others that don't understand the heartache families go through when losing their pet. They are more then pets in their eyes...They are family.

"I'm going to spend the rest of my life missing him" -Peter

Brian was more human then most characters in the show. He had a lot of self-doubt and hate. He never live in the moment, he was always searching for one. He wanted things to be fair and he wished that people cared about animals and saw them as living beings too. Brian was selfish at times but he cared about his family and even though his friendships changed during the years. It always shown how much they all need each other in the end...and yes even Meg. (so shut up)

Time to move on, Griffin family.  Getting a new pet you feel the need for one yet you feel kinda bad about it sometimes as well. However, Vinnie was never meant to replace Brian. No one can ever be replace. However given a pet a home is something I think Brian would had wanted in the end. Another animal to have a wonderful life as well. Stewie wasn't into the idea of "replacing" Brian and act cold around Vinnie until Vinnie told his story. How he was dealing with the some stuff. Haha, sorry couldn't help myself. How he lost someone he loved as well. Stewie felt comfortable enough to open up to him and it was just too sweet. They hugged and Stewie finally slept peacefully with Vinnie there.

Brian returning leaves me feeling more bittersweet then over joy which some if not most fans are. Which I don't blame them to be. The episode of Brian being dead to Brian coming back were both really good but I do wish it was longer. I wish we got to know Vinnie more and I wish the wait for Brian returning was longer to make his return more joyful..but, that's just the critic in me. I'm hoping Vinnie will return somehow and maybe the two of them would end up being like brothers. Ah, one can dream.

Anyways, welcome back Brian.

Looking back part 1 the little mermaid

Now, I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty "old" now and since most people I grew up with are married and have kids now. I can't help but to wonder if I have a child, will I allow my kid to watch these old shows that I watched as a kid. Short answer is yes but it's a blog and you come here to read.

I can still remember being in a overpack movie theater and being this tiny little girl while holding onto my father for dear life as we walked into this large room.  It was already so dark and an muppet was playing before the movie started. I remember, feeling so small while looking at the big screen in awe.

The little Mermaid title appeared and brought me into the story and the beauty animation right away. Seeing Ariel appeared and searching for treasure.  I just enjoyed very thing in this movie and I didn't want it to end.  However, before I knew it the movie ended with a kiss and my father picked me up and carried me over his shoulder while I checking out the boys near my age. (I was an odd love-sick child)

Sitting down, re-watching this movie for I can not tell you how many times I've seen this movie but I know every line by heart. I smiled again seeing how much Ariel made such an impact on me, growing up.  I mean simple things like enjoying to swim and looking for new treasure when I shop and taking a chance with love. The animation still is just wonderful to look at and the characters are fun as well to watch even as an adult.  Man, do I love the face expressions of Ariel!

Now, there's some reviews that have a real...distaste for this movie. Most of it is because of Ariel and her whining and being selfish. Blah blah blah... Now, I can understand that she does act selfish but I can understand why the character does act selfish and not because she's a princess.  For one, she doesn't have much say in the matter. Her father doesn't seem to want to hear her side nor her feelings to why she enjoys and has such wonder for a world so outside of hers. She tries to fight back but ends up giving up with tears ready to come out before she swims away.

This is something I feel like parents should student more with this movie. Ariel is an young lady that
has so much wonder and dreams and she can't come to her father about it( I doubt her sisters as well) because she doesn't believe he will understand. As the story goes on, yes it shows that he doesn't understand nor allows Ariel to talk things out. Nope it's yelling and breaking her treasures in front of her face, hoping that will show her to not think differently.  And..what happens? She's given this chance to taste her dream of being part of the human world and met the man that she can't stop thinking about. Why wouldn't she at this point of the story? Her father broke her dreams in front of her, making her feel alone in the world while the father whom ideal is the one that should be trying to understand her and want her to be happy; not just to be safe from the unknown of the world around them.

Oh and one of the best lines I have ever heard from a disney movie is this.
"Children have got to be free to lead their own lives." -Sebastian
Huh, maybe this movie is more for the parents then the kids...Ah let's go on.

Yes, she whines. Who doesn't?  Everyone whines, it's what we humans do when we are unhappy or just simply enjoy to whine about things because hell that's why we have blogs.  Ariel mostly whines because again she isn't given an chance to have that dream of hers to come true nor have any family members to talk to about it. Ariel wants more and I don't really see this as a bad thing but as a good thing to have.  What's wrong with wanting more out of life? Like having a house or having a better job whatever it is.  

Things didn't go as plan during the story for Ariel. I still want to cry when Ariel watches the boat leave without her, knowing that the man she fallen for is marrying someone else. She took the chance of being hurt and gotten hurt. Sometimes if not all the time, you'll get some disappointments and heartache and I think it's good to show a child this. Let them see that life isn't all dore the explorer.

And who doesn't love Ariel given that I'm mad face and jumping in the water to save her man again. Another thing, I like is that you see Ariel saving her prince but he also help her as well. They are there for each other and that's another great thing to show kids. That love goes both ways.

Anyways,  The little mermaid will be shown to my kids (if I ever have one).  It's a movie, I'll never forget and will always love. I wonder if my kids will feel the same.

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