Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri!!

I've been dying to talk about this anime, I had came across of, Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri! First off, this anime isn't for everyone. I can see a lot of guys rolling their eyes over first sight of it. However, for anyone that loves cuteness, princesses, magic girls, fun pop Japanese songs and fairy tales then this anime is prefect for you. As an anime fan and also a huge fan of fairy tales; I fall in love this anime quickly.

Fairy Tale land is in trouble and starting to disappeared! The Queen orders three magical pets, Sei, Dai, and Rryoku to go find the three human girls that can transforms into the "Super Miracle Idols," ( Princesses) and help save their world. The three pets end up finding the Princesses although to their surprise the Princesses are still little girls!?

This cute pink haired girl is Ringo Yukumori. Ringo is one of the main characters in the show. Which I'm sure you could guess if you watched the video up top. Ringo has seven brothers...Yes, seven little brothers whom are named after the days of the week! (Those poor boys...) Ringo's parents own a baking shop that sell "the best apple pie in the world". As us anime fans know, it's rare to see character's parents seen in the show or really have much of a part of it. However, both parents are seen almost all the time. Don't worry, they are both lovable, I promise.
Ringo dreams of becoming an idol when she gets older. This sweet girl turns into the Princess known as Snow White.

The voice actress for this lovable little princess is Wada Ayaka. This young actress is actually started out as a pop singer for Hello! Pro Egg and is a former member of Shugo Chara Egg! Ayaka has been already been seen cosplaying the characters from the anime show.

Another main character is the clumsy, forgetful but cute little girl named Layla Takashiro. Layla lives mostly with just her mother since her father is most of the time away because of his job. Layla has been known to be really good at cooking, cleaning and swerving. She's very kind towards other and thoughtful as well. This poor girl does have a hard time falling without losing one of her shoes.
Can you guess what Princess she is? Well, if it's Cinderella then you are right! Yes, one of my favorite fairy tale ever! Layla is also my favorite character in the show. Her cuteness won my heart!

The voice actress was another member of the Hello Pro Egg! Maeda, Yuuka! She looks beauitful as Cinderella, doesn't she?

A strong headed girl who speaks her mind and has very kind heart is Natsuki Sasahara. Natsuki lives with her grandparents. She does have a way of making boys fall for her. Even though she isn't really trying to make boys drools over her nor does she have any interest in them. Poor Natsuki is a heartbreaker for any boy that falls in the spell of her charms.
This girl transform into the Princess Kaguya-hime. For those of you who don't know who is Kaguya-hime and what story is from. Kaguya-hime is from one of the oldest Japanese folktales, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.

The voice actress named is Fukuda Kanon and yes she is another member of the Hello! Project.

I wish, I could talk about every single character in this anime more so but it's already getting long enough. Right? So, I'll end the character list with the one Idol that all girls are in love with! Who is he?!

(You'll get the joke if you watch this anime)

Anyways, from what I've seen of this anime is just too cute not to give it an chance. The dancing moves are fun to learn as well the songs are catchy and fun! So, in closing go to Crunchyroll and watch this kawaii anime!

Spoiler!! Just giving you guys the heads up. The girls do turn into teenagers (which is no big deal) but when they sing they turned...3D! I don't understand why they did that but it isn't so bad. Every one of outfit they wear has different names for them. So, these girls would be great for people whom love to cosplay! There's a lot of outfits to play with. ^-~


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