Kobato is a sweet, perky, cute girl but also extremely naive about the world around her. She has a "mission" to fill her mysterious bottle with people's hearts she heals so her wish to go a certain place can be granted. However, the restriction is that she is not allowed to fall in love with any person whose heart she heals. As Kobato attempts to fulfill her mission, she is accompanied by Ioryogi, a spirit in the form of a dog plushie.
Ioryogi must guide Kobato and ensure that she succeeds her mission!

Clamp has done it again! They made me fall head-over-heels for another one of their works. I really love this Anime that I've brought the mangas that are out right away! (I am waiting for the next one to come out) Hopefully, they will bring the Anime in the USA soon as well. I do see myself while waiting Kobato being an airhead and being her clumsy self. It's funny yet a bit heartbreaking watching the blue pushie with her because when I was little I used to have a stuff blue dog too. (Wish I still had it) Lucky, my stuff animal didn't get mad at me....
Anyways, the thing I've always loved about Clamp is not just their artwork but the storytelling. So, you shouldn't be disappointed at all.

The manga does run differently then the Anime but that isn't new. In fact, that's kinda what's so fun about reading the manga. At least for me.
So watch and read Kobato!


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