Hadashi de Bara wo Fume

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume also known as Stepping on Roses; Japanese shojo manga series written and illustrated by Rinko Ueda. This manga starts out in the year Meji 25, a young woman named Sumi Kitamura whom is poor and never seems to get a break from taking care of the little children that her brother Eisuke Kitamura keeps bringing home. Making it harder for them to live with so many mouths to feed and an older brother that also has a betting problem! So, things are not looking so great for poor Sumi. However, things seem to turn around when a handsome stranger reach out an helpful hand to Sumi in her time of need. So, yeah, it's only naturally that she fallen for this nice stranger. Although, that small hopeful moment falls downhill when she slapped back to her reality. 
Sumi ends up trying to sell herself to pay for the debt that her brother owes. However, another handsome young man appears in the picture and 'buys' her but not for the night. For life! Sumi without much time to think ends up marrying this stranger! Whom isn't much of a nice guy but I promise you he gets better later on. 

This manga has a lot of  twists and turns in the storyline and also wonderful artwork! I personally really love the act in this manga. The two main characters are my favorites in the book! Their relationship is interesting and touching~! I got the manga few summers ago and I couldn't put it down since I have a weakness for those cinderella story shoujo but with some turns in it! Also got a thing for strong male characters too. I'm not really into the whole weak guy in manga and anime too. Soichiro starts out being such a jerk but he changes throughout the manga because of his love for Sumi. The couple is one of those couples that you look at in hope that your relationship will be like that. The kind of couple that help each other stand tall throughout all the pain and troubles that life can throw at you. Love those two so much! Go Sumi and Soichiro! 

So go out and read Hadashi de Bara wo Fume (Stepping on roses) You won't be disappointed! 


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