Chi's Sweet Home

A cute little kitten, one day wanders away from her mother and her siblings. The poor kitten ends up losing her way and can't find her family...However, she happens to find a little boy instead at a local park. The kitten soon falls asleep, tired after all that searching, unknowing that the boy and his mother took her home. When the kitten opens her eyes from a dream of being with her mother once again; finds herself in a new place!

The little boy named Youhei is happy that he has a pet but unfortunately pets are not allowed in their housing complex. So, the parents are looking for a good home for this cute kitten during housebreaking the little black stripes cat. Chi has a splendid time living with her new family, learning about different things and meeting new people and animals. The family quickly grows fond of Chi and starts to love and sees her as part of their family...

Chi does mistakenly answers to "Chi," (the Japanese word for "small", can also be "urine") and ends up thinking that "Chi" is her name. Thus, Chi becomes her name.

Oh, This Anime/Manga is just too Kawaii! It's funny and really, really cute! It's so lovable and ADORABLE that even if you are not a cat lover you might become one after watching or/and reading the manga about this cute white and gray kitten with black stripes. Did I tell you that it's really cute, yet?

Anime episodes are three minutes long...Yup, three minutes long each but too worry there's 104 episodes on the first season and there's a second season too. Sadly, you can not watch the first season on crunchyroll anymore...(Thanks a lot Crunchyroll. However, you can watch the second season. Chi's Sweet Home: New Address. The storyline is very simple so it should be easy for anyone to understand what's going on.

Don't miss out of this Kawaii Kitty!


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