It's about me.

Hello! Kawaii lovers and Anime fans. My name is Danielle also known as Yuna. (A nickname I got when I was in HighSchool) I wanted to thank you for visiting and checking out this new blog post from Chuck's Anime Shrine. It just started out but hey it's a start. I feel the need to talk about myself a little bit goes.

My life haven't been all fun and games; I've deal with problems as I'm sure everyone in this world has but there was always something out there that kept my head up high and a sense of hope that kept me moving forward. What was that something? Well, it's anime. Yup, It's always been Anime. I've been watching anime pretty much my whole life. However, I've kept my love for Anime hidden until around middle school. It was slowly coming out in the opened but I didn't fully expressed it since everyone I knew wasn't into anything cartoons or fantasy. So, talking about anime was a real different ball game. However,when Toonami come out and become such a hit that people around me were starting to get into Anime even though they didn't know what it was. Finally in High School I just went F*** It I am who, I am. I started to become more honest with myself and shown off my love for anime and asian culture. During that time I've met other Anime fans and met Charlie (aka Chuck) along the way. Anime has always welcome me to escape reality but made mine reality a bit more joyful too.

I've always been childlike and it's sometimes hard to act more grow up...Eh, who really wants to act grow up all the time? Where's the fun in that? Will I ever change?(...) Nah, I can't see it. My love for anime, manga, fantasy, video games, cartoons will never die.

My love/obsessives will only become stronger and has over the years.

What my hopes are for this blog? I'm not going to lie, I hope it becomes BIG like oversize BIG BIG! But even if it doesn't it's still fun to talk about Anime and whatever I want. I hope more followers will come along and put some nice comments and we can have a nice long chat over our love for Anime and etc. (giggles) But one can dream. ^-^

Stay Sweet and Kawaii


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