Chibi Vampire: Karin

The middle child in a family of Vampires, Karin , isn't like the rest of her family. Karin does not feed on blood, she produces it! As a result, she is forced to bite others to expel the extra blood, lest she suffer exaggerated nose-bleeds. Karin lives her life just as an ordinary teenage girl would. She can go outside during the day, attends high school, and follows the sleep pattern of normal humans. However, the general peacefulness of her life is disrupted with the arrival of a new transfer student, Kenta Usui.

Any time she goes near him her blood increases. At first she tries to avoid him but they are in the same class and work in the same restaurant. She can't seem to stop running into him. Kenta begins to think that there is something odd about Karin behavior around him and eventually he learns her secret...

Oh, It's so embarrassing!

Oh, Karin, Karin, You make a lot of anime guys look bad when they have nose-bleed. You beat them hands down! All of them now that I stop and think about it. Oh, This is embarrassing, I'm getting bad thou--...(*gets a nose-bleed* -///- )

Anyways, this Anime is a lot of fun to watch. It's great for anyone that loves Vampires but also enjoys a good laugh too. Watch this Cute Vampire, Karin or read the manga Chibi Vampire.

Missing out is Embarrassing!


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