49 DAYS - Kdrama

I'm sorry, I haven't been posting lately. I've been caught up in such a beauitful drama called 49 days. If you are a fan of Korean Dramas you know that you are most likely going to be crying your eyes out. If you haven't watch any Korean dramas then you should get started. I promise you it isn't like the ones we are used to in the USA. The stories actually has an ending! So, anyways lets talk about my new favorite k-drama 49 days.

The story starts out quite innocent for us to see a cute young lady rushing with her friends to her engagement party. It made me smile a little at the main girl, Shin Ji-Hyun, laughing at herself running on the street with her big white dress like Cinderella. Everything seem so prefect for her. Lovely parents, friends and a very handsome finance.

We then see another girl named Song Lee-Kyung whom life is far from prefect. This poor girl seems to have nothing but her job and a small dirty apartment. No sight of friends nor family.
On a fateful day, Song gets off a bus and wanders around with a rose in her hands . She then attempts to kill herself by walking into oncoming traffic. At this moment, Ji-Hyun, who is driving nearby, hits her breaks, but can't avoid the semi-trailer truck that has stopped in the middle of the road.

Ji-Hyun soon sees herself being carted into an ambulance. No one can see Ji-Hyun other then a mysterious young man. This guy is known as the...no not the angel of death! Scheduler! Scheduler tells Ji-Hyun that if three people (besides her family) genuinely sheds tears over her condition within the next 49 days, her body will awake from its coma and she can live again. For the next the 49 days, Ji-Hyun then takes over the body of the suicidal Lee-Kyung in her quest to find three such persons.

Thinking instantly that this will be easy for her to find three people who truly loves her. Unfortunately, she soon finds out that it wont be...

This drama is unique and one of the BEST that I've seen. (No joke) . I love the music in this. I play it almost every day leaving my finance to go nuts. (Sorry love) I cried buckets of tears for these characters and founded myself wishes for the best for every one in this drama.
The story's messages it leaves for us gives me chills and made me think about my love ones at times while watching this drama. I applaud the writers. It was brilliantly written - funny, romantic, and sad. The actors and actress also did a wonderful job to bring the characters to life and pull us into the story. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this drama as much as I do and...

Live life like it's your last 49 days.


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