Protect The Boss!

A cute young man with sweet boyish charm that you can't help but fall in love with is
your Boss!
Opps, wrong character! Hah, sorry but your Boss got that boyish charm but damn he is immature! Although, he is still cute but also a jerk....Not sure if I wanna kiss him or punch him! Oh, sorry I was thinking over how I would feel to have a Boss like Cha Ji Heon. (Who is played by Ji Sung )

Cha Ji Heon is the youngest son of the chairman. I can't say he's picture prefect type of guy but hell at least he's a gamer. Yes, the main male character is a gamer and as well shows signs of being a Otaku too. Alright, he isn't so bad. He got some of his good points but I wish he was slightly nicer. Well, then again maybe he wouldn't be so damn lovable if he was.
Sadly for his family, Cha Ji Heon acts too lazy and doesn't seem to care about the company nor anyone else around him. Yeah, he's kinda of a jerk....alright a real jerk but remember he is lovable and cute guy.

The poor girl that ends up working for him is an strong girl that can kick your B.U.T.T. without trying. Yeah, she doesn't look like she can make you cry but I wouldn't want to be her bad side. Her name is Noh Eun Seol. (Who is played by Choi Kang-hee )This tough cookie was once the leader of a gang when she was in school but ends up struggling trying to find a good job when she gets older. Can't blame her for feeling down about money problems. I'm sure we all can take an understanding over how much it sucks when you have little to no money. Especially when you are trying your best but no one seems to want to give you a break. Oh...I'm getting a head of myself. Anyways, look at the bright side there's another Boss at work that is quite handsome.

Yes, another good looking male at the work place, named Cha Moo Won. (who is played by Kim Jaejoong ) Unlike, Cha Ji Heon, this Boss is a lot more mature and hardworking. He doesn't talk much and even tires to hide his laughter and smile at times. He seems so prefect and sweet but he also has his own problems to deal with like anyone else.

Man, it's hard not to fall for fiction characters, isn't it?

Anyways, where was I. Oh, right, right. Now, if you are into something funny, fun, sweet and romantic. Go watch Protect the Boss. (you can actually watch it on Netflix! ) I have to say this Korean drama is on my top list of shows to watch over and over again! Don't miss out of this lovable drama!


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