Mou Hitori no Marionette Manga

So, the other day I found quite an interesting manga called Mo Hitori No Marionette. Now, at first my thoughts were “Oh, lord it’s just like Glass Mask!” and it does start out with the same feeling of Glass Mask. The artwork is even similar to it but I promised you there’s a differences in it as you read on. 

 Reading on, thinking I wasn’t going to left with any real surprises but holy crap!  I was wrong. The main male character, Jin, in the book has a spit personality that runs much deeper. The other personality, Kurosaki caught my interested in a heartbeat! He was just damn too sexy while Jin acted so much like a jerk that it made me sigh.  Really, hitting your actors, Jin? Not saying that Jin doesn’t have a soft side, I mean all bad boys do in anime and manga…Well, any fictional story really. Um, yeah they do, don’t they? Anyways! ^.^;;;

Yuki is another male character in the book that you can’t help but like right away. He is like the big brother or a knight that is there for all the characters. So, love that the male characters are strong and has dark and an angelic side as well. Such a win for me!!!!

The main girl named Nanami, a high school girl that belongs to the spotlight since the beginning in the manga. She’s start being a skillful ballet that caught Jin’s eye right away. Sadly, Nanami’s father doesn’t see his oldest daughter on stage and collapses on the way there and passes away soon after being brought to the hospital. It isn’t explained to us what was wrong with her father but surely I felt sorry for Nanami. I’m sure you can guess things get more difficult for the main girl and doesn’t seem to catch a break until the very end but you’ll just have see for yourself.
This manga was released 1991, so it’s a kind of old but hell it’s got character!  This very interesting shoujo manga is done by Saitou Chiho.  Give this romance Shoujo a try; you might end up really liking it like me!  


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