Fictional Characters I wish, I could be. Part One; Tifa Lockhart.

To the ones that know me, know that I have so many favorite characters and sure as hell Myanimelist can not hold of all the fictional characters that has changed me, enlighten me, made me laugh or even made me cry. {By the way great site; so helpful for us crazy fans}  I don’t really care how geeky this sounds but I’ve learned more from unreal characters then real people in this world. Wow, man that really does sound nerdy but it’s truth. Deal with it! Haha

So, the first character that I wish, I could be in real life is a game character named Tifa Lockhart. Yes, let all the Aeris/Aerith’s fans come after me. Hah, I’m not scared of you!  Actually, my list of favorite characters there isn’t a lot of girl characters to be honest. So, Tifa you should be happy to hear you touched my heart! Anyways, let’s talk about this well-known character, Tifa Lockhart.
Now, sadly Tifa is loved/hated mostly for her sexy appearances, which I can’t say I blame anyone for looking her way. She’s simply beautiful looking. Yeah, I know she isn’t real get off my back!  Anyhow, beside her looks, Tifa come across as someone that I could run to and cry my eyes out. She’s strong in so many ways and so caring to the point when I wanted to hit the back of her head when she just stood there while that evil in pink wouldn’t stop hitting on Cloud in front of her! (Some friend Aeris was, Sorry. I hate that ---um, flower girl) The woman even runs her own business and fights with her fists for goodness sake. What’s not to love about her? She’s such a well- rounded character! I can’t help but love her.

However, her down fall is her shyness when it comes to love. It’s cute but so heartbreaking, watching Cloud’s and Tifa’s love story plays out from the games to the movie and book.  I’m still waiting for her to just scream out her true feelings to Cloud and it’s been how many years! Sadly, since fans are so crazy about FF7, I highly doubt that they would ever make Cloud kiss any of the girls or hell even one of the guys as a joke!  So, Tifa’s love story seems impossible to ever have any real closure for the fans and for her story as well. Which is fine in ways since there are so many wonders about the game’s storyline being so great that I’m sure no one really wants to DARE mess with it.  However, no many how many times Cloud leaves, Tifa is always waiting for him and hoping to see him again. As well as Cloud always remembering Tifa, even in the game Dissidia; he still remembers her!  Grrr~so the point I’m tying to make is that. There’s clearly much more chemistry between Cloud and Tifa.

It’s sucks being popular sometimes, huh Tifa? Even though Tifa is loved by a lot of fans, you can’t forget about nor run away from the hate this character gets all the time as well. I found more hate websites for this character during the years. Not saying I’m not guilty of being anit-Aeris person myself but I never went as far as making websites or hell even started a fight with fans because I can’t stand a character. I do leave my two cents in when needed, not going to lie. However, people seemed to be so butt-hurt over Tifa’s body type and her outfit, which to this day, I will never understand what’s the big deal about it.  Although, I don’t understand most of people’s mindset. So, let’s more on to a littler note shall we?

I didn’t know about Tifa  until later on when my boyfriend let me play FF7 when we first started dating. (which is almost 11 years ago if anyone cares). Right away, I liked her. I just liked her and playing through the game I liked her even more.  I loved role-playing as Tifa and cosplay as her as well.  Then before I knew it Tifa was my favorite character.   So, Tifa Lockhart, I would loved to be you and I’m sure there are many fans of yours out there that wishes you were real as well.  Keeping kicking butt, girlfriend! 


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