wreck it ralph

The other day, I was taken away by a movie that isn’t anime. Holy Shit, right Ana? (Fifty shades of grey joke!) What movie? Wreck it Ralph! Yes, believe it or not, Disney has actually touched my heart like it used to do all the time when it was cool to be a kid! I took the movie personally because I always had a weakness with video games. However before we jump into anything big about this movie. There was a small part in the movie that grabbed my attention right away was that it shown a girl, A GIRL playing video games! Not a little boy, a nerdy looking girl! Which to me was just awesome and hell they even shown small hints on the ways some gamer guys treat girls that play videos. And if you don’t know it’s not very nice! If you are a gamer girl, you know the bullshit you get from guys. (Not saying all guys but I come across some jerks treating me like idiot because of my gender!) The girl picks the most ‘violent and scary’ game in the place first. (From what we can tell)  So, right away I liked her and I don’t even know her name! I’m glad Disney shown that there are girls out there that love video games just has much as any gamer boy and maybe even more. Thank you, Disney. The girls are not getting much love lately…even DS is making girls look bad with the whole “I’m not a gamer but with the DS” Bullshit but I’m getting ahead of myself again…. Wreck it Ralph!

Anyhow. The movie gives you an almost toy story feel to it with the whole when everyone is away, everything comes to life! Which, I can’ help but like for some unknown reason. They put a lot of thought and feel to the animation and characters. Oh my dear, the characters are just awesome! I really love all of them, even the little brats in the sugar rush game.  

Ralph takes the cake in the most moving character in the movie. It shows a lot of grey with the villains in the video game world and made my heartbreak seeing how lonely and unloved they are.  I cannot blame, the main character for wanting to be loved and his search to be the hero instead. Don’t we all? However, he becomes not only the hero but also a big brother to a poor misunderstood “Glitch” named Vanellope.

Now, Vanellope is a sissy young lady who has such a great sense a humor but behind that “happy face” she’s hurting a lot from everyone bulling her and making her feel worthless. She holds onto her goal, her dream I should say to race with the other video game characters in the game. The simple dream, that is so far away from her reach. Heartbreaking, I know. Ralph and Vanellope built such a sweet relationship that makes you want to cry.

Fix-It Felix, Jr. the hero, good guy in the game Fix-It Felix, is such a nice guy. However, since he never deal with any real heartache. He is painfully native with Ralph’s feelings and just wants to keep the peace with everyone.  A part of me wishes that I can dislike this character but I can’t!!!! He has this charming old fashion way about him that I end up smiling about. You got to love his keep-it-clean-way of speaking with the other characters. I feel like he come out from a 50s television shows. He is just a cute character! How can anyone not like a cute character?! Seriously, how!?! “I can fix it!” Damn, right you can.  haha

Now, let’s drop the cuteness and take a look to the compete opposite of Felix, Sergeant Calhoun.  This video game character is from the scary game called Hero’s Duty. (Hah, get it?) She is a really tough and doesn’t mess around at all. She’s all about action, which makes sense since she’s from a video game all about actions!

The lovely thing about this movie it’s the message I gotten from it. The titles don’t make you who you really are. “You bad guy but you’re not bad guy.”  “Come on, that’s not me, this is me.” I don’t want to be the spoiler…I’ll leave it to that.

During the movie you see some familiar video game characters in the background and honestly, I was searching to see if I could spot some more that I knew. Sonic you can’t mess at all in the movie. He appears number of times and even though I’m not much of a Sonic fan. I smiled, I actually couldn’t stop smiling seeing Sonic there and I laughed when he actually used the line. 

                                                                 “It’s no good~!” 
                                                                 Oh, beautiful. 

Oh, j-pop fans, I got news for you in case you haven’t heard. The music group AKB48 actually sings one of the songs in the movie! The song is called “Sugar Rush.”  Ah, Disney you have undone yourself in the movie, haven’t you? It was such a treat to hear some Japanese music in the movie. 

Ah…Sonic. It’s all-good!

So, if you are a video game fan this is a must see or if you love some storyline and some deep and charming characters, see the movie or just simply see the movie because it’s just so great! I personally loved this movie and can’t want to get the DVD of it whenever it comes out.  I’m hoping that Disney will make more heart touching movie like this that make me feel like the kid watching the little mermaid for the first time again. They did their homework in this one and for that I will give Disney my love once more.  


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