Recorder to Randoseru Do

Hello Cuties! Did you guys miss me?….Nope, most likely not. Haha, I've been away for pretty long, haven't I?  Well, since I'm not feeling good this morning and had to call in from work. (which I hate doing) I thought of posting some blogs to pass this painful time. So, here's goes.

Today, I would like to talk about this cute little/big anime called  Recorder to Randoseru Do.    Now, warning all of you this is one of those anime's that each episodes are only 3 minutes long. Which I realizes bothers a lot of fans out there but hey it's good for people that have short time to watch anime during the day or night. Okay, now that minder detail is out of the way, let's talk about Recorder to Randoseru Do. ^.^

Recorder to Randoseru is a story about two siblings that do not look like their age at all. As you can see in the picture you see an tall young man, standing with this little girl but if look closer and you will realize something a little off, right? Wait, isn't that little girl wearing the same outfit as the order looking girl next to her or you are wondering what point I am trying to make. Well, that little girl is actually a high school student and no it's not because she skip a few grades she's actually a teenager…

Her name is Atsumi Miyagawa. A sophomore that acts more like an adult then I surely do at times. The poor girl always has to deal with people treating her like a child, even her best friend Sayo, treats her like one from time to time. She's super cute looking but she not one to mess around. Atsumi is pretty grown up and it's a shame that the world can't see pass her looks to realizes that. 

Now for the order looking guy. As you may be guessing  that since Atsumi is a high school student and looks a lot younger then her age that would mean. Yup, her brother is a lot bigger then her even though he's only in 5th grade.  Oh yes, he's only in grade school! Man, I was pretty tall for my age as well back then and I haven't grown since 5th grade so I can understand the pain here.  Anyways, this handsome little guy has to deal with misunderstanding because of his looks as well. 

His name is Atsushi Miyagawa. This poor guy can't even walk from home with his little crush without someone thinking he's some child molester. Although, it does leave a few laughs for us while we are watching all the misunderstanding from people around them.  Even Sayo (his sister's friend) ends up having a crush on him thinking that he's order before finding out the truth later on in the show. 

As I said before these two siblings do not look like their age and I'm not kidding. However, that's the whole point of the story. Seeing this two dealing with everyday life with the world not realizes one is either order or younger then they appear. It's enjoyable and really funny to watch. 

So, my friends, remember to ask strangers their age, just in case. ^.^ 


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