Kill la Kill and whatever it's only one episode...

Okay, I never do something like this. Starting wars isn't really my thing until someone rubs me the wrong way. So, takes out my guns. Here I go. 

 I come across an review that seemed unbelievably unfair. Actually, a lot of this reviewers from Anime News Network seems to have this thing for just hating everything she watches.Um, is Anime News Network, paying you to be a---No, I won't go there but come on! Now, is that fair? Nope.  However,  I'm asking the fans out there is it fair to put a such a low rating on a show that just started? Only one, ONE episode was aired!  You feel it's right to rate something from one bloody episode!

This reviewer takes a personal hit (more like a blow) when the history class was talking about Nazis. It's history class…taking about things that happened in the past. Okay, why get upset about that? THEY ARE IN HISTORY CLASS! I mean, like really?! It's people like you, young lady that is the reason why we don't see the episode of Hey Arnold that shows the twin towers in the background after 9/11. Even though you see it for only a few seconds and has nothing to do with what's going on. Yeah, it's bullshit like this that takes things off the air! Should everyone not go to history class and not learn about the mistakes of mankind? SO, what? We have to act like the Twin Towers were never there and learning about WW2 is just a big no, no, it will make my mommy cry? Would you go to bed soundly that way, princess?  Yes, I'm sure there's reason why they are touching into that dark part of our past to most likely give a little light to the plot that just started to slowly unfold for us viewers. A lot of stories out there take things from bible or other sayings or things from historical events to give some kind of reason.   

So, Rebecca Silverman. My rating to your reviews is 1 out of 10. You seemed to only care about hating something then enjoying anything. You take things too personal and I hope you didn't get the history teacher in your school fired for simply doing his job. Oh, I'm only giving you that 1 since I'm a nice person and I would like to believe that your reviews will be less hateful and fair someday but I don't like to put my hopes up. So I held myself from giving a 2.

So….here's my very short review on ONE episode of Kill La Kill. Now, I can't really say much other then I really enjoyed it. It was very colorful and was quite funny. Everything is thrown at you but it pulls you into wonder what's going to happened next and if you are one of those types that likes to laugh at silly things then you might enjoy the first episode. 

I would love to say more but since it's only ONE episode, I don't wanna take away the enjoyment of the new viewers…of the first episode. 

So, enjoy it or not but at least give it a few episodes before losing any sleep. I will really review it once there's more then ONE EPISODE.

See you then...


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