Welcome to The NHK

Welcome To The NHK, is really…something different. Now, when I say different, I don't mean in a bad way but actually in quite in a good, bittersweet way.  This anime isn't about fantasy or much of a success story either. Well, not in a hollywood way that is. You been warned. 
Now, even though this anime can pull some strings in our hearts pretty hard to the point, you wanna break down with characters on the screen. I promise you it will make you laugh as well during the way towards the last episode. 

Now, lets talk about Hikikomori and NEET since it's quite important in the anime to understand the meaning of those two labels. 

NEET, is a term in Japan that classification comprises people aged between 15 and 34 who are unemployed, not engaged in housework, not enrolled in school or work-related training, nor seeking any work. In other words, lazy. It is actually quite common for NEETs to become Hikikomori. 

Hikikomori, is another Japanese term for those young adults that are social withdrawal. It has been often seen of these young folks of having extreme degrees of isolation and confinement. It also some of the common trails are, they are very shy, unhappy and having little to no friends. In some cases, they isolate themselves in their room, apartment or house for prolonged periods, sometimes measured in years. Another seen trait are some of them fall into Hikikomori do to the lack of a clear life goal

Now, you have an idea of what those terms mean, let's get to know a little of the main character. 

Tatsuhiro Satou, is a 22 year old that has been hikikomori and NEET for nearly four years after he dropped out college. He lives in a rented apartment and lives off his parents money to survive. AKA his "allowance".  Yeah, he's easily manipulated, obsessive and quite unstable. Now, with that said, he isn't an awful person either. They give tiny hints that he's actually smart and has a good heart overall everything. He's funny and when he feels corner he will snap back with a rant that either makes you chuckle or nod in agreement with him. 

Misaki Nakahara, an very mysterious girl who decides to help Tatsuhiro escape his hikikomori lifestyle. Making him her "big project" to change him into a normal person. 
I felt mix feelings with this character at first since I wasn't sure if what she was doing was simply out of kindness or…just doing this to make herself to feel good about herself. However, once we get to know her little more and more, she becomes more cute and sweet character in this story. 

Kaoru Yamazaki, is an otaku, who dreams in making a video game.  Tatsuhiro meets Yamazaki when they were in school and Tatsuhiro tired to stop a group of bullies from beating up Kaoru. Sadly, standing up for the little guy didn't turned out well for Satou as we see the main character beaten up on the ground. However, some good did come out of it as Satou meet a real friend and they spend their time together in a literature club.  Kaoru is the voice of reason for the main character and also the most lovable as well in my book. He's a hard worker and even though he's two years younger then Satou. He feels like that big brother that everyone needs every now and then in their life time. 

Now, I will say I wasn't too happy with the ending but it worked well with the story and made me smile a little at the bittersweetness of hope it left behind for the viewers.  It is worth giving a look over and hell you might fall in love with it as much I do. Just keep some box of tissues just in case. As for me, I'm going to check out the manga now. 


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